The Minds Ahead Hub for School Mental Health

2. Analyse Your Situation

A tool to reflect on the current provisioning in your setting: 

What does your school or college already do to promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing of all? 

Use the statements below as a reflective tool to get a snapshot of your current provision and to highlight strengths and areas to develop. 

This tool is not an exhaustive summary of the many dimensions of school mental health, but it does provide a simple bird’s-eye view of the components of an effective holistic approach to school mental health.

To what extent is each of the following statements true in your context…

1. Consider the whole child

Involving children and young people

Working with parents and carers

2. Consider the whole school and plan strategically


Culture and Environment

3. Look at the whole picture and take preventative measures

4. Look at the whole system and be proactive

Identifying concerns

Providing additional support

Making referrals to external agencies

5. Consider your role and be reflective, as the lead for mental health:

This hub is for anyone working in a school or college who is passionate about promoting the wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and adults. The Hub is split into four areas and aims to equip you to do four things: 

Understand the issue

Information on what School Mental Health involves and why it matters

Analyse your situation

An audit tool to reflect on the current provisioning in your setting

Take action

Simple steps to promote and protect wellbeing and mental health in your setting now

Go Deeper

Links to training and support to develop greater expertise in this area

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