The Primary Peer Mentoring Course

Unlock the Potential for Positive Change in Your School

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Are you ready to empower your school with a comprehensive and innovative solution to foster mental well-being among your primary school pupils? The Primary Peer Mentoring Course is designed to do just that! By completing this course, your pupils will gain a superpower known as emotional resilience, along with self-leadership and mentoring abilities. They will be heroes for their fellow students and will help create a happier school community.

Accredited by Children's University (Each student will collect a stamp code after completing the course).

Key details

  • Programme Type

    Online course, accredited by Children's University (Each child will collect a stamp code after completing the course). Watch the video below to learn more about Children''s University.

  • Ideal for

    Children in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in primary schools.

  • How long will it take?

    The course is broken down into six lessons. You can choose to cover this content however you want - you could do it in a day, or you could break it down and do it once a week for six weeks. Once you have enrolled in this course, you can start it any time at your convenience.

  • Is there a cost?

    The cost of this course is £15 per student. Schools must register their pupils, the registration form cannot be completed by individual students.

  • Course Platform

    This is an online course hosted on Mighty Networks. Once enrolled, you will receive instructions by email on how to join our Mighty Network. We recommend candidates to add '' to their email provider's safelist.

Course Objectives

Our program equips your school with the tools and resources to:

Recognise and Address Mental Health Concerns: By training your students, you can create a support network that recognises when peers are facing emotional challenges and provides assistance or guidance. 

Promote Mindfulness and Self-Care: Teach students valuable skills to care for their own mental well-being, fostering emotional resilience and overall growth. 

Encourage Emotional Intelligence: Help students understand that feelings are dynamic and teach them strategies to maintain a positive mindset. 

Foster Empathy and Compassion: Enable your students to become compassionate mentors who can lend a helping hand to their peers in need.

Why Invest in the Primary Peer Mentoring Course?

1. Enhance Your School’s Well-Being Ecosystem: By incorporating our course, your school will create an atmosphere that prioritises mental health. This promotes emotional balance, resilience, and positive well-being among both students and staff.

2. Develop Student Leaders: Our program cultivates student mentors who are capable of providing emotional support, creating a harmonious atmosphere, and assisting in fostering a positive school culture.

3. Strengthen Communication and Conflict Resolution: Students who complete our course become better communicators and conflict resolution experts, contributing to a more peaceful and supportive school environment.

4. Elevate Academic Performance: Emotional well-being is closely linked to academic success. By fostering mental health awareness and support, our course contributes to improved academic performance.

5. Facilitate Empowerment and Leadership: The Primary Peer Mentoring Course not only enhances student confidence and leadership abilities but also opens doors to future careers in counselling, coaching, and leadership.

6. Demonstrate Commitment to Mental Health: By adopting our program, your school showcases its dedication to addressing the mental health needs of students, parents, and staff.

7. Embrace a Proactive Approach: Ensure that your school is equipped to address the emotional well-being of your students before issues become unmanageable.

8. Build a Culture of Well-Being: Implementing our program encourages a school culture where well-being is a top priority, benefiting all members of your school community.