The Mental Health Peer Mentor programme

A new qualification to support peer mentoring at your school or college.

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The Level 2 Mental Health Peer Mentor programme is ​suitable for 14-18 year olds in education who are keen to support their own mental health, as well as their peers’ mental health and wellbeing.

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The Mental Health Peer Mentor programme is a Level 2 Award accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health and will support students to not only provide quality mentoring support to their peers, whilst gaining a stand-alone and transferrable qualification but will also help some consider a profession in mental health.

The peer mentoring course has been a brilliant way to explore situations and reflect on wellbeing in all forms in a comfortable open space, which I have really enjoyed. It has heightened my own self awareness and  overall sensitivity whilst also being a great forum for developing self leadership skills. We have been able to discuss the variation of mental health and redefine with clarity the factors that impact it as well as contributing our own ideas in a collaborative way. These sessions have given me the opportunity to refine my communications skills and have introduced us to coping strategies and helpful devices for supporting others and ourselves. All of which I have consequently been more mindful of in my own experiences as well being able to suggest to others.

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A member of staff at your school or college will deliver the programme to your students

School or college staff will deliver this qualification after a ‘train the trainer’ style induction by us. They will be given training materials, delivery notes, ideas, suggestions and an assessment booklet to give to students, who will complete this and submit online to Minds Ahead for marking.

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The programme includes seven lessons, all fully resourced with clear teacher instructions and the videos are hosted by qualified counsellor and pop artist, Lily-Jo.

Your students will access training materials, complete a workbook for submission and if successful achieve a stand-alone Level 2 Qualification in Mental Health Peer Mentoring, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health.

By extending the range of support available to the student population you will help to destigmatise mental health difficulties and will develop your students to be qualified in supporting mental health.

Your students will gain the skills and confidence to support other students mental health in your setting

You will have at your setting a cohort of trained and qualified mental health peer mentors who can support their peers by carefully listening, skilfully questioning, offering advice and guidance and signposting their peers to further support when required.

Qualified peer mentors will increase their self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing, through helping other people. They will gain insights into a career in counselling, coaching and mentoring and will have highly transferrable skills for their future education and workplaces.

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