The Minds Ahead Hub for School Mental Health

1. Understand the issue

Information on what School Mental Health involves and why it matters

School Mental Health Manifesto cover

The School Mental Health Manifesto

Mental health in schools is an urgent and complex problem which affects the most vulnerable children and young people the hardest. Yet, schools and colleges can make a huge impact if they adopt a strategic whole school approach. All school staff have a key role to play in this and, in order to do so, they need to be well too. This work is most effective when schools and colleges listen to, and partner with, children, young people and their families. There is much more to learn and those who commit to creating mentally healthy schools and colleges are pioneers, developing the evidence and best practice the sector needs.

This hub is for anyone working in a school or college who is passionate about promoting the wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and adults. The Hub is split into four areas and aims to equip you to do four things: 

Understand the issue

Information on what School Mental Health involves and why it matters

Analyse your situation

An audit tool to reflect on the current provisioning in your setting

Take action

Simple steps to promote and protect wellbeing and mental health in your setting now

Go Deeper

Links to training and support to develop greater expertise in this area

Our programmes

The School Mental Health Specialist programme

For those working directly with pupils in their school or college.

Leadership of School Mental Health Masters

For school and college leaders.

Level 2 Mental Health Peer Mentor programme

For 14-18 years old studying in schools and colleges.

Bespoke training and support

We design, develop and deliver training programmes

We can create learning experiences to meet your needs.

We give talks and seminars

We provide short inputs that inform and inspire teams in schools, colleges, Local Authorities, charities and other organisations.

We coach and advise Senior Leaders

We support leaders to plan for and deliver impact on school mental health.