Our vision: mental health difficulties don’t limit the success of any child. Why?

Our mission: Our work has three components, which strengthen the mental health of the next generation:

  • Transforming the UKs school mental health system;
  • Inspiring, empowering and equipping school colleagues;
  • Ensuring quality learning and professional development

Our Approach

We are passionate about schools. Schools transform lives. Talented teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers, governors inspire and equip the next generation to thrive.

We approach everything from this school-based perspective.

Schools need quality and professional mental health support. Mental health support which fits the reality of the school, the classroom, the parents’ consultation evening.

An approach to mental health in schools that understands Key Stage assessments, DfE policy, Ofsted, SEND Code of Practice, Safeguarding Policies… the list goes on.

Finding mental health professionals who truly understand the realities of the modern school is challenging. We exist to bridge this gap. We are along this journey. We are constantly learning, discovering and deepening our expertise.

We empower schools so that they can apply ‘low cost / no cost’ solutions which are effective in strengthening the mental health of their students. We develop solutions which allow schools to focus on their core business of teaching and learning.

Our evidence informed work focuses on positive and sustainable change. We work with partners and schools who demand excellent outcomes and are willing to think about challenges differently.