Who are Minds Ahead?

We are a social enterprise. We provide a practical solution to support the mental health needs of pupils, staff and parents, tailored to each school and college’s unique needs.


To revolutionise mental health in schools and colleges for generations to come.


To develop an education workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively support the mental health of our pupils, staff, parents and school leaders.



What we do and who does it help

We change pupils’ mental health for the better by providing the only postgraduate, specialist qualifications to school leaders, teachers and staff. We also train and offer bespoke consultancy services across the education sector. 

We have established, with Leeds Beckett University, the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools and developed the Schools’ Mental Health Quality Mark.

Staff members taking our qualifications develop frameworks and strategies that draw on the latest academic research from around the globe but are tailored to their particular setting’s unique needs. They develop the confidence and skills to effectively support mental health needs of pupils, staff and parents in their school community which they practice alongside studying. The benefits to the whole school community are felt immediately. 

Proud to be a social enterprise

Minds Ahead is a social enterprise for three clear reasons: to drive social improvements, to be entrepreneurial and to be held to account for achieving these goals. As explained below:

Driving social improvements

Mental health in education needs improvement. 

Headteachers, teachers, support staff, parents and young people tell and show us the potential for change. Research and data highlight that this is a national challenge, relevant to all schools and colleges. 

We exist to be a part of this solution. We use our expertise and resources to generate novel ideas which make a tangible difference to the practice of schools and colleges. This then improves the mental health of the whole community. 

We are clear that our work is exclusively focused on improving the mental health of the educational community. 


Mental health in education needs a new approach.

We trust and follow schools and colleges as they know best what is needed. 

As our customers, schools and colleges drive everything we do. We are relentlessly focused on understanding their situation and ensuring that our services support their work.  We are proud to have a solid business philosophy. It keeps us efficient.  

We are not tied to funders, policy makers or chasing donations. We go straight to the people that matter most: school and college staff. 

Accountability: Community Interest Company

We set up as a CIC, the legal structure for a social enterprise. This means that we have to continually satisfy the government regulator that we are meeting the legal requirements to hold the CIC status.  

This holds us to account: it ensures that our work is addressing the social need of mental health in schools and colleges. It also ensures that profits and assets are reinvested into this social activity. 

As a high performing social enterprise, Minds Ahead is has been recognised by organisations which support, award and invest in social enterprises.

Awards and recognitions

Social Enterprise top 25 Trialblazing newcomer Award

For leading start up social enterprises with impressive results in turnover, growth, profit, impact, leadership, resilience and storytelling.

UnLtd Grow it Award

For successful social venture that are making a positive difference to people’s lives and have compelling evidence of our impact. For those with a social issue and developed a business model that works to solve it; are committed to, and have a track record of, delivering social impact at scale and are experienced, ambitious and capable of sustainable growth.

Social Enterprise UK: One to Watch Award

For social enterprises that has made a flying start and has the potential for broad impact.


The Foundation for Social Investment. For charities and social enterprises in England with the potential to be more financially resilient and self-reliant and can sustain or increase their impact.

Social Investment Business

For impact-led organisations which improve people’s lives. Providing money and support, work with partners to support and use their knowledge to inform future work and influence others.

Enterprise Development Programme

A five-year programme which provides a broad range of support for charities and social enterprises, helping them become more financially resilient by developing new enterprise models, or by growing existing ones.

Social Enterprise UK Roll of Honour

For Businesses which, over the course of an extremely challenging year, have demonstrated the strength, passion and resilience which is so characteristic of the social enterprise sector. 

Social Enterprise Support Fund 

Established in partnership by The National Lottery Community Fund and five social enterprise support agencies to help social enterprises to meet additional demands, change the way they work, make their spaces COVID-secure, and manage liquidity during the covid crisis.

Social enterprise UK 

The leading global authority for social enterprises, business with a social or environmental mission.

PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club 

A UK-wide network that shares the skills of our people with ambitious social entrepreneurs to help them tackle society’s most important problems and drive social and environmental change.