System change
We exist to make a step change in school mental health support. We know that this demands a change at the system level. We approach this from the school perspective, by asking the question: ‘what system would strengthen mental health in schools?’ To answer this key question, we:
  • research and test ideas that bring new insights and opportunities
  • devise and develop change which can work at the system level, for the benefit of all schools and their students
Launch of the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for mental health in schools – we saw that whilst the USA and Canada had a university with a centre for mental health in schools, the UK did not. We set about setting one up and successfully launched one in partnership with the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University. School mental health award – there was no single point of reference for school leaders to evaluate and improve their mental health work. Working with colleagues at Leeds Beckett University, we developed this new award. Contact us – we are looking for new ways to improve the system so that mental health in schools is improved. Contact us if you are interested in discussing opportunities.

School mental health strategy &  support

Schools play a key role in strengthening the mental health of their students and play a key role for students experiencing mental health difficulties. We support schools to improve their approach to mental health, by:
  • Providing advice and guidance on effective school policy and practice by reviewing SEND, Safeguarding, Inclusion and other policies to ensure best practice
  • Reviewing key roles within the organisation along with the external partnerships necessary for effective mental health, helping school leaders and governors make evidence based decisions on their people and partnerships
  • Offering access to a qualified child mental health practitioner so staff can discuss strategies for working with their students
  • Providing support during crisis so staff have expert guidance to develop the most appropriate actions
Professional learning, conferences and events
Improved practice leads to improved pupil outcomes. We are proud to be implementing in full the Department for Education’s “Standards for teachers’ professional development”. Further, we are also working with the leading organisation in the field of teachers’ CPD, the Teacher Development Trust, who bring added rigour to our professional development opportunities. We work in partnership with Teaching School Alliances, Multi-Academy Trusts and Universities to deliver landmark school mental health events and conferences that inspire, empower and equip delegates to strengthen the mental health of the next generation. Our qualified and experienced mental health practitioners design, develop and deliver professional development activities and programmes across the UK and internationally. Including:
  • Designing bespoke professional learning for any professional working in schools
  • Speakers for events, conferences and seminars
  • Designing bespoke and tailored workshops to meet the needs of your audience
  • Developing conference partnerships which bring innovative learning and best practice to life
Examples of our work
ITT Programme – Our consultants fed into the DfE’s Carter review into ITT and the subsequent ITT curriculum design consultation. Using this knowledge, we worked with Leeds Beckett University to pilot mental health training with their ITT students. The feedback was very high and so the university asked us to support them to fully embed mental health training for all of their ITT students. This caught the ear of the DfE who subsequently met with the university to learn more about this innovative approach. Counselling Skills for Schools – Infinite Learning provide CPD courses for British schools in the Middle East. They wanted an accredited counselling skills programmes for their delegates. We ensured the successful accreditation as well as the designing, development and delivery a Level 3 accredited programme for their 34 delegates. Subsequently, Infinite Learning have asked for a repeat the following year as well as additional courses. Sheffield Hallam University mentor event – Sheffield Hallam recognised the vital role mentors play in supporting the mental wellbeing of new teachers and asked us to deliver the key note and workshop at their mentor event. This motivated and inspired delegates who said that they wanted to have a bigger focus on mental health for the new teachers they mentor. Leeds Conference – Leeds Beckett University wanted to formally launch their work on mental health in schools with a landmark conference. We pulled together regional and well as national figures to deliver keynotes, workshops and be on panel discussions at the event and created an agenda which attracted around 80 delegates. This also ensured regional press coverage for the university as well as radio and TV interviews.