System Change

We exist to make a step change in school mental health support. We know that this demands a change at the system level. We approach this from the school perspective, by asking the question:

‘what system would strengthen mental health in schools?’

To answer this key question, we:

  • research and test ideas that bring new insights and opportunities
  • devise and develop change which can work at the system level, for the benefit of all schools and their students

Launch of the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for mental health in schools – we saw that whilst the USA and Canada had a university with a centre for mental health in schools, the UK did not. We set about setting one up and successfully launched one in partnership with the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University.

School mental health award – there was no single point of reference for school leaders to evaluate and improve their mental health work. Working with colleagues at Leeds Beckett University, we developed this new award.

Contact us – we are looking for new ways to improve the system so that mental health in schools is improved. Contact us if you are interested in discussing opportunities.