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The School Mental Health Specialist is accredited as a 1-year postgraduate certificate (PGCERT), 2-year postgraduate diploma (PGDIP) or a full Master's degree (MA).

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Developing staff to make a real difference

As the School Mental Health Specialist, you will be a key practitioner in your school or college supporting children and young people directly.

You will gain knowledge of the latest research and theories relating to mental health in education from a wide range of perspectives and will learn how to apply these to benefit students and staff within your school or college.

Opportunity to engage in reflective supervision throughout the programme

"Reflective Supervision has been key to my professional development- Being at uni has been extremely difficult whilst working full time. Education is a demanding job on its own without the additional commitment of studying. Reflective Supervision has given me a space to share my thoughts and feelings and above all reflect on how I can move forward especially when I become stuck. I am able to truly share, in a confidential environment without the fear of being judged. At the end of each supervision session, I always feel empowered to carry on,  I believe in myself again and I am able to take the steps necessary to achieve what sometimes feels unachievable. I am in full support of supervision and think it should be available to all.

Group Reflective Supervision has given us the opportunity to develop our skills around supervision to empower others. This has not only enabled me to support the members of my student group but to transfer those skills into the workplace enabling others to find solutions when they are facing challenges and become stuck themselves.  

Reflective Supervision has enabled me to stop doing the talking, stop finding solutions for other people's problems and empower them to find their own. 
Overall Reflective Supervision has had a positive impact on my mental health and well-being. It has helped me see things differently."

Mrs P. Willis

Springfield Primary School

Train whilst you work and support your students

The ‘School Mental Health Specialist’ is a postgraduate programme developed by Minds Ahead in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University. It has been jointly designed and informed by school leaders, educational experts and mental health professionals.

As the first of its kind, this part-time online mental health programme is the only postgraduate programme exclusively for school colleagues wishing to develop specialist knowledge in the emerging area of public mental health. Each module lasts a term and are all focused on the work you do to support and strengthen mental health and wellbeing at your school or college.

“The Carnegie School of Education, at Leeds Beckett University, have worked successfully with Minds Ahead since their inception and I am thrilled that we can develop this relationship further by working together on this new qualification."​

“It is clear that there is a need for first class mental health support in our schools. I am delighted that Minds Ahead are working on a new postgraduate programme which will bring school mental health expertise to our schools.”​

 "Running a special academy which serves children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs, makes it clear to me that we need new and informed training routes into working in mental health in schools. I am delighted to be a part of the group designing the School Mental Health Specialist qualification."

Schools are facing a mental health crisis and are struggling to access the support that they need

Outcomes for students with a mental health need are very low, attendance is a major concern. Staff wellbeing is also affected with over half of teachers saying that their personal relationships are affected by their challenges at work. Now more than ever, it’s to make a tangible difference to the practice of schools and colleges. 

The School Mental Health Specialist programme covers general, evidence-based approaches to supporting a whole school or college approach to mental health. By gaining this professional qualification, your school or college will have dedicated and qualified support as part of the school team. 

Minds Ahead have won several highly competitive awards to design and develop this innovative programme:

Minds Ahead is an UnLtd Award Winner

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