Quiz for School and College Staff: Test Your Proficiency in Children’s Mental Health Facts

Quiz for teachers: Test your knowledge

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Test your knowledge and reflect on what we can do to support children and young people's mental health in schools and colleges!

What was children’s word of the year in 2021, according to research by lexicographers at Oxford University Press (OUP)?

Mental health in schools: What is essential for wellbeing?

How many young people in England feel they do not belong in school, based on a research-based Inquiry undertaken by The Art of Possibilities & UCL, Institute of Education Professor Kathryn Riley, Dr Max Coates, Dr Tracey Allen in November 2020?

According to the Centre for Mental Health (2020), what are the key contributors to mental health equality?

Does your school have

It's time to empower education professionals to support the mental health needs of the whole school community!

Minds Ahead is here to help. School and college staff taking our mental health qualifications develop the confidence and skills to effectively support the mental health needs of pupils and educators.