Promoting and supporting mental health in schools and colleges

Whole school approach to mental health quote from CfYMHS.

At the heart of a whole school approach are the school and college staff who interact with children and young people day in day out. Staff members taking our qualifications develop frameworks and strategies that draw on the latest academic research from around the globe but are tailored to their particular setting’s unique needs. They are well placed to help reduce inequalities by providing early intervention and effective mental health support. The benefits to the whole school community are felt immediately. 

School Mental Health Qualifications

Kerry Hill

Former Headteacher and alumna of the Leadership of School Mental Health Masters


‘I don’t want robots in my building, I want people who care, who feel and love what they are doing. And that means that we have to support the whole person in terms of the staff member, just as we have to support the whole child.’

Thomas Young School Mental Health Specialist programme

Thomas Young

Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Bay Education Trust and student of the School Mental Health Specialist programme


‘Since starting the School Mental Health Specialist programme I have felt my knowledge and confidence grow week on week. So far the course content has encouraged me to reflect on not only my own practice but that of the whole organisation, this in turn has led to positive conversations about how we can better support the mental health and wellbeing of the school community in years to come.’

Lisa Leeming

Pastoral and Mental Health Practitioner Red Oak Primary School And Student Of The School Mental Health Specialist Programme


‘The School Mental Health Specialist programme has extended my knowledge of theory into practice across the entire school community. This has ensured that approaches,
strategies, systems, procedures and policies have been reviewed, improved and implemented, resulting in the ability to offer efficient and knowledge informed support.’

Masters degrees and Postgraduate Diploma

We offer a Masters award to school leaders and a Mental Health Specialist postgraduate diploma or Masters to colleagues who support pastoral care. You can study both qualifications online while working so that the knowledge and skills learnt are applied immediately within your setting and tailored to that establishment’s needs. Our partnership with Leeds Beckett University, through the Carnegie School of Education, ensures that specialist education academics, well-versed in the latest research and thinking, teach all leaders and staff.

Teachers and Staff Mental Health Training

We provide mental health training in schools and colleges, help local authorities and charities develop mental health strategies. Our qualifications complement the support that is available in local areas. School and college leaders and staff will be empowered to support the mental health needs of the whole school community including developing knowledge of other local mental health services and clinicians.

Level 2 Mental Health Peer Mentor programme

We support student's mental health by extending the options of support available to your students with our online level-2 qualification, suitable for 14-18 year olds. We developed this program in partnership with the award-winning mental health platform, The Lily-Jo Project.

Mental Health Events and Speeches

We have extensive experience in delivering school mental health events and speeches to a diverse range of colleagues across the UK and abroad. We can provide expertise on mental health in schools to small groups of senior level leaders as well as conference size events.

Design of Professional Learning and Development

We design and develop professional learning events and programmes by combining the latest thinking on mental health in education along with expertise in professional learning. We have extensive experience working with schools and come from adult and child mental health as well as psychology, child protection and social work backgrounds.

Consultancy service

We offer bespoke consultancy in our specialist field of primary, secondary and college students’ mental health.

The Minds Ahead Hub for School Mental Health

A resource hub for anyone working in a school or college who wants to promote and protect the wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and adults.

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