Levelling up wellbeing – a mission without a plan!

Levelling up wellbeing
On the 2nd of February the government released their Levelling Up strategy. The government were right to have wellbeing as one of their 12 levelling up missions. However, it is very disappointing to see a policy agenda for 11 of these missions, with the wellbeing mission being left out.

The government is aiming that ‘by 2030, well-being will have improved in every area of the UK, with the gap between top-performing and other areas closing.’ A laudable goal, that we fully endorse. This is one of the 12 levelling up missions set out by the government, with each mission subsequently having a policy agenda, detailing the case for change and the policy programme to achieve that mission. This exists for 11 of the 12 levelling up missions, with the wellbeing mission being left out. 

Across the 305 pages of the levelling up white paper, wellbeing or mental health is mentioned about a dozen times. The analysis section of the paper identifies wellbeing and mental health as key to good life quality and it also recognises the powerful link between poor mental health and areas of deprivation. It makes a strong case for improving wellbeing. 

The government paper says that wellbeing is an 'overarching outcomes-based measure'. Yet it has a target for 2030, just as all the others do. Leaving wellbeing alone, without the attached policy framework, exposes it to the significant risk that it is neglected.

 Just like each of the other levelling up missions, the wellbeing goal needs its own policy agenda. 

We need qualified mental health and wellbeing support in schools and colleges


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