Labour says there is a ‘Class Ceiling’ in education – there is. But the ceiling is much lower when it comes to mental health.

'Class Ceiling' in education blog
Today Labour launches its 5th mission: breaking down barriers to opportunity. They identify a ‘class ceiling’ that is holding too many back. They are right. This is why we are an active part of the Fair Education Alliance which aims to detach the link between poverty and educational outcomes. 
The issue is even more acute, or the class ceiling is much, much lower, when it comes to mental health support for our children and young people. This is because many parents will find ways to access counselling for their children after they have got over the shock of seeing how long the waiting list is on the NHS. It will be a tight budget for many, but when it is needed, private mental health support can be accessed. 
This means that those who are from the poorest families, who are also the children most likely to need additional support, are left without. 
By September we will have over 50 school mental health specialists working across the country in all types of schools and colleges. 
School Mental Health Specialists are ensuring that, within the school where they are working, there is no class ceiling when it comes to supporting children and young people. 
If you are interested to find out more about why school leaders asked us to develop and deliver this innovative and much-needed programme, drop us a line:

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