Initial meeting of Professionals in School Mental Health


Date of Event

Tuesday, 07th November 2023

9:30 – 15:00

Pentahotel Birmingham,

Ernest Street/Holloway Head

Birmingham B1 1NS

This event is for committed professionals who are seeking to make a bigger impact when it comes to improving school mental health within the education system. The day will explore how the school mental health ecosystem needs to change, and crucially, how you can be an active part in making that change happen. This is not a conference of CPD, but an active engagement of the key leaders in the field, be they working in schools, or having a broader system-level impact. Minds Ahead will share their latest thinking on how the system needs a shake-up, by drawing on recent research that we have created in collaboration with our national partners. 
The attendees will then split into two groups, with national-level system leaders meeting to discuss how they can collaborate to strengthen the broader education strategy. Alumni and current students will focus on how they can continue to make rapid improvements by working as a network of passionate professionals. 

This is a chance for you to meet your fellow students! For many of you, this will be the first opportunity to meet each other in person and as we all know and understand how important connection is, this is a key part of the day. During the afternoon, we will begin to craft our approach to enable the creation of a Minds Ahead professional network which we want to be a central place for both our alumni and our current students to support and empower each other through the deepening of our own knowledge, sharing of evidence from our own settings of good practice and seeking solutions to issues that we experience. 

We value each and every one of you and hope that in creating this network, we can support each other to continue to be passionate practitioners and lead the way in the field of School Mental Health.

– Network with fellow school professionals, course tutors, and wider system leaders in the field of mental health in education.
– Discover what makes for powerful collaboration, and how the ecosystem around school mental health can be improved
– Hear the findings from cutting-edge research on effective school mental health CPD and the evolving roles in school mental health
– Craft our approach to enable the creation of a Minds Ahead professional network
– Encourage, empower and enable each other to be passionate practitioners and lead the way in the field of School Mental Health.

Pentahotel Birmingham, Tuesday 7 Nov.

09:30 – Arrival and coffee

10:00 – Welcome from Dean Johnstone, CEO Minds Ahead: why a new way of working is needed.

10:20 – introductions from colleagues

10:40 – The potential of collaboration and the social enterprise ecosystem: Phil Donnelly, Director at Minds Ahead and Chief People Officer at Travelport

11:00 – Tea and Coffee

11:20 – Research spotlight: high quality CPD for mental health in schools

11:40 – Research spotlight: range of roles in the school mental health workforce

12:00 – Discussion: what are the issues that we should be focused on?

12:20 – Lunch

13:00 – Launching a new way of working with Minds Ahead

13.15 – Discussion: How can we can continue to do great things together?

14:00 – Break

14:10 – Our priorities for the next 3 months / 6 months / next academic year?

14:45 – Ensuring effective communication

15:00 – Close

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