Development of the new Post Graduate ‘School Mental Health Specialist’ course that launches in September 2021.

This innovative course is for the key colleagues working in schools and colleges providing mental health support to children and young people.

Across two years of intensive learning and development, the course comprises six modules, each with a mix of face to face meeting and online learning.

The course will go through a validation process with Leeds Beckett University next month and the six modules will be:

Classroom image

Year 1 (21/22):

  • Module 1: Promoting protective factors for good mental health and wellbeing
  • Module 2: Early identification of mental health support needs
  • Module 3: Supporting children and young people


Year 2 (22/23):

  • Module 4: Parent/carer involvement and student participation
  • Module 5: Working with school staff and outside agencies
  • Module 6: Work based project – Sustaining and embedding positive mental health and wellbeing


Schools and colleges will need to have a senior lead for mental health with strategic overview and the School Mental Health Specialist (SMHS) will be the main practitioner supporting children and young people directly. 

The school mental health specialist and designated senior lead for mental health will work together to develop whole school or college initiatives and interventions, involve parents and students and support other staff in their work.  

This course is designed to offer extensive, evidence-informed training and support for the main school or college mental health specialist and is aimed at those with limited or no previous mental health training, as well as those seeking the challenge of a fully accredited masters level programme. 

We want to keep you updated as this new programme progresses, so if you want to know more, please email: