International representation at the School Mental Health Specialist Design Group

I was privileged to attend a round table discussion at the House of Commons on the 9th October on the topic of Mental Health Specialists within schools which was chaired by Minds Ahead and attended briefly by Nicky Morgan (M.P). The professionals sitting around the table all had the same passion – to improve the […]

Heather Madsen, Headteacher of Red Oak Primary school, Lowestoft, reflects on the first meeting of the School Mental Health Specialist Design Group

A gathering of professionals from a range of backgrounds across Educational settings and specialists in Mental Health attended Parliament on Wednesday 9th October to discuss, debate and evaluate the ways in which schools could develop an accredited programme of study enabling key staff to manage and support mental health and well being within schools. Given the […]

Three ways to teach young people to build their resilience skills

Resilience.  It’s a word so frequently used in the field of mental health and a word I so frequently heard being used in discussions with students in school – ‘You must be resilient’  or ‘you must draw on your resilience to face these challenges (insert challenge be it academic or personal here).  ‘Resilience’ is even […]

Four proactive strategies for mental health in schools

The Department for Health and Social Care are consulting on a new strategy focused on ‘proactive, predictive and personalised care’ aimed at prevention rather than fixing problems once they emerge. This is a wide-ranging consultation addressing diet, smoking, physical activity, immunisations, genetics and resistance to medications. This article looks at the mental health aspects in […]

5 steps that Senior Leaders for Mental Health can take from the Good Childhood Report 2019

For eight years the Children’s Society have produced an annual report on the state of childhood in the UK. This provides a comprehensive examination of wellbeing for our children by looking at national trends, split by gender, an analysis of disadvantage and wellbeing and children’s perceptions of their future and wellbeing. Although different datasets are […]