How To Help Students Get The Most Out Of Mental Health Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week

Young people face many challenges that can affect their mental health. From exam stress to cyberbullying – sometimes they may come to you for crucial advice and guidance across a variety of issues. So, let’s explore how you can help the children around you improve their mental health, whilst discussing some key symptoms and signs […]

Inequality and impact on mental health

Inequality and impact on mental health

In this Ted talk, epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson looks at the evidence linking social inequality and mental ill-health.  The impact of inequality on mental health and our social relationships  As a school leader, it is well worth considering how inequalities are either reinforced or reduced, within your school and what more can be done to reduce […]

School culture: which elements are perceived to be most important for student mental health?

school culture and mental health

A qualitative study in three English secondary schools identified four overarching dimensions of school culture that were perceived by respondents to impact on student mental health.   Key findings from the study in UK secondary schools on school culture and student mental health: The research explored four aspects of culture:  Dimensions of school culture Respondents identified […]

Infographic: The School Mental Health Specialist

The School Mental Health Specialist programme infographic

Read our infographic about this DfE assured qualification, and enquire now before September 2022 start date. Funding assisted! The School Mental Health Specialist will know first hand the needs of their students and can, through training, development and supervision, match these to the culture and processes within the school. The School Mental Health Specialist programme […]

Young people’s mental health, social media and myth busting

In February 2019 Rachel Schraer, writing for the BBC’s ‘Reality Checker’, wrote that the increase in young people (under 16) with mental health conditions had risen from 11.4% to 13.6% between 1999 and 2017. This, it was asserted, was much smaller than expected. This analysis stood in stark contrast to the Children’s Commissioner’s report on […]

Levelling up wellbeing – a mission without a plan!

Levelling up wellbeing

On the 2nd of February the government released their Levelling Up strategy. The government were right to have wellbeing as one of their 12 levelling up missions. However, it is very disappointing to see a policy agenda for 11 of these missions, with the wellbeing mission being left out. The government is aiming that ‘by […]