A whole-school approach is needed

Together, we can make a real difference to support the mental health and wellbeing of the whole school community by addressing the following:

  • Rising levels of poor mental health in pupils aged 3 to 18, including rising spikes in increased mental health support required from impacts of COVID-19
  • Educational establishments lacking suitably qualified staff to appropriately support students’ mental health
  • Responsive to individual schools and colleges’ unique needs grounded in the latest research and evidence from around the world
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The whole-school approach
Staff members taking our qualifications develop frameworks and strategies that draw on the latest academic research from around the globe but are tailored to their particular setting’s unique needs. They develop the confidence and skills to effectively support mental health needs of pupils, staff and parents in their school community which they practice alongside studying. The benefits to the whole school community are felt immediately.

What needs to change?

Too many are missing out on their education

Poor children are in the worst situation

Mental health inequality in schools

Lack of qualified mental health support

Those with mental health needs are the children most likely to miss school. These children have the highest ‘unauthorised absence’ rate, meaning they could be at risk of harm.

Child poverty in particular is not just a short-term risk to mental health: it has an effect throughout life. Poor families are often least informed about the ways in which the children can be helped.

For children facing some of the greatest barriers to a good education, such as those with learning disabilities and autism, the use of restrictive interventions and exclusions cause significant and lasting harm to mental health.

Poor mental health can result from experiences of racism, bullying, exclusion and injustice, and mental health support in schools and colleges need to be able to offer the opposite to these experiences. 

What are we doing about it?

Masters degrees and Postgraduate Diploma

We offer a masters award to school leaders and a Mental Health Specialist postgraduate diploma to colleagues who support pastoral care. Both qualifications are studied online while working so that the knowledge and skills learnt are applied immediately within their setting and tailored to that establishment’s needs. Our partnership with Leeds Beckett University, via the Carnegie School of Education, ensures all leaders and staff are taught by specialist education academics, well-versed in the latest research and thinking.

Teachers Mental Health Training

We provide mental health training in schools and colleges, help local authorities and charities develop mental health strategies. Our qualifications complement the support that is available in local areas. School and college leaders and staff will be empowered to support the mental health needs of the whole school community including developing knowledge of other local mental health services and clinicians.

Mental Health Events and Speeches

We have extensive experience in delivering school mental health events and speeches to a diverse range of colleagues across the UK and abroad. We can provide expertise on mental health in schools to small groups of senior level leaders as well as conference size events.

Design of Professional Learning and Development

We design and develop professional learning events and programmes by combining the latest thinking on mental health in education along with expertise in professional learning. We have extensive experience working with schools and come from adult and child mental health as well as psychology, child protection and social work backgrounds.

Level 2 Mental Health Peer Mentor programme

We support student's mental health by extending the options of support available to your students with our level 2 qualification, suitable for 16-18 year olds. The Mental Health Peer Mentor programme can be delivered by a member of staff at your school or college or by us, online.

Consultancy service

We offer bespoke consultancy in our specialist field of primary, secondary and college students’ mental health.

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Schools & colleges using the Mental Health in Schools Quality Award designed and developed by Minds Ahead
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Teachers, support staff, educational leaders and governors have attended our programmes
Masters Credits: We designed the UK’s first Masters for School & College Leaders of Mental Health & Wellbeing