Mental health support in schools is now more important than ever

The serious rise in poor mental health of our students in schools and colleges requires a serious solution. The most effective way to support the mental health needs of a school or college is to have a properly qualified member of staff within that education community. Our mental health qualifications deliver just that. 

Kim Fox School Mental Health Specialist student

Kim Fox

Head Teacher, Dhekelia Primary School, Cyprus

“One of the most significant learning experiences coming from undertaking the qualification as both a school leader and mental health lead in school, is the understanding of the importance of mental health and wellbeing sitting at the heart of the whole school curriculum. The school has developed its curriculum, over time, to ensure that there are a range of opportunities for children to develop skills such as resilience, healthy living and influencing change through pupil voice which underpin positive mental health and wellbeing.”

Mental health support in schools: Kerry Hill, Headteacher

Kerry Hill

Former Head Teacher, Eyres Monsell Primary School

“The learning and development gained from the Masters has given me the confidence, as a school leader, to try new things to positively enhance my school. We have now designed a bespoke curriculum to support child and learning development across our school. It is genuinely helping to transform our whole school approach.”

Mental health support in schools: Priya Mitchell

Priya Mitchell

School Counsellor and Designated Lead, The British School Al Khubairat

“The MA is a course I would recommend to anyone interested in promoting and facilitating a more proactive approach to mental wellness in school. The opportunity to learn and consider different perspectives and how to apply these to our school to facilitate change is refreshing as is the online discussions with other students on the course.”

Mental health support in schools: Professor Damien Page

Professor Damien Page

Dean of Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University

“The Carnegie School of Education, at Leeds Beckett University, have worked successfully with Minds Ahead since their inception and I am thrilled that we can develop this relationship further by working together on the School Mental Health Specialist qualification.”​

Our mental health qualifications and expertise

The School Mental Health Specialist programme

For school colleague working in supporting pupils in their school or college.

Leadership of School Mental Health Masters

For school and college leaders.

Level 2 Mental Health Peer Mentor programme

For 14-18 years old studying in schools and colleges.

Design and development of professional learning events and programmes

Our team can design and develop programmes for your needs.

Mental health training, seminars and speeches

For school and college staff, local authorities and charities.

Leading system change to improve mental health in education

By working with experts on making a step change.

Why choose us?

Our approach affects change within a school, sixth form or FE college that directly meets the unique needs of that setting. It benefits the professional development of teachers and leaders and, over time, will benefit the whole teaching profession. We are changing systems and making positive impacts on young people’s mental health at all levels.

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